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Water resistant

Hackathon Challenge


Today several communities around the world are exposed to hazards related to hydro-meteorological events and more recently the impacts of COVID-19. These communities are likely to experience increased risk due to the changing climate thus exacerbating the hazards (for example more severe flooding, more frequent flooding, more disease outbreaks). Over and above this, these communities often also lack access to basic water services including potable drinking water and safe sanitation increasing their vulnerability, consequently increasing their risk to the above-mentioned hazards.

Taking into consideration both the potential increase in hazards and the systemic vulnerability due to lack of basic water services that influence the risk to these communities,  How can stakeholders support communities in identifying, measuring, managing and/or mitigating the risks using sustainable and feasible approaches?


Participants are to work together in their assigned groups to identify and propose a solution/s for the defined problem above. Participants will be provide with background information, guidelines, a solution templates and the assessment framework. Participants will be support by a team of mentors who can guide them through the assignment.

 Participants are encourage to define, within the background, the most relevant access which they wish to propose a solution for. Be creative and work to your team strengths !


Due date for submittion Sunday July 26 17h00 GMT


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